Didier Monestes
Managing Director

Didier Monestes is Managing Director of SYstemic Area Network (SYan), a Luxembourg-based IT services company offering advisory from strategy to operations.

Didier has been operating in the Telecommunications and Information Transport Systems (ITS) industry for over 25 years. He set up one of the first structured cabling provider in the South West of France in the early 1990's. His business was developing and progressing to a large workforce since 10 years when he was approached by Airbus to become the quality surveyor for structured cabling of airplanes factories. This was the start of a consulting activity in design, specifications and audit of datacentres (DC) and the turning point at which Didier decided to further develop in Luxembourg and started SYan to provide consulting services to a range of European institutions and major corporate companies in Europe.

Converging best ROI for clients with the evolution of DC and efforts against waste of energy consumption led to a systemic approach where Didier combines datacenter audits and energy efficiency advisory against ISO standards and the EC Code of Conduct for DC. He is furthermore pleased to be a member of a ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 39 Standardization subcommittee - Sustainability for and by Information Technology and is a certified Uptime Institute Tier Designer.