Marion Howard-Healy
Senior Consultant
BroadGroup Consulting

Marion Howard-Healy is a senior associate with BroadGroup and the author of BroadGroup's June 2010 report: "Competing in the clouds: emerging strategies for enterprise data centres."

Marion has analysed market demand, change and business opportunities in the European communications sector for over 20 years, and has conducted single client assignments for leading service providers and IT vendors in Europe, USA and Australia. She has designed and managed international research programmes and carried out in-depth interviews with corporate IT and Business executives in over 400 organisations, as well SMEs across industry sectors. In the last five years, Marion has also worked with companies developing best practice in customer experience.

With BroadGroup, Marion has undertaken a number of projects including: demand for UK data centres, the rationale and implications of power based pricing, the need and impact of green data centres, dark fibre deployment in the UK, and local demand and connectivity in specific UK data centre locations, as well as data centre projects related to Asia Pacific region.

She has also spoken at several BroadGroup events, and is an experienced and well regarded conference presenter. Prior to the formation of BroadGroup, Marion worked with several of the BroadGroup management team as Director, Billing & CRM at Tarifica – PBI UK Ltd.